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The aim is not to just teach learner drivers to  the driving test, but having passed with Gee the skills needed to have a lifetime of safe driving will be in place.

I realise that people are different and will have different needs it is therefore important that I get to know you your style of learning and your past history of during a vehicle if any.

Some learner drivers may never have driven before, and be nervous and therefore require of lots of practice and encouragement therefore I offer a range of driving tuition styles to suit all pupils needs.

My training is adapted for individuals strengths and weaknesses. And I will use a mixture of latest technology and traditional methods.

Practical driving is accompanied by in car computer hazard perception and theory training. I will also advise you on theory books and how best to practice.

If you have already passed the theory test, if it is appropriate, we can go straight on to preparing you for your practical test.

At Pass with Gee driving schools, Huddersfield I will  offer a range of teaching options so you can choose the one that best suits your preferred learning style and timescale ...


✓ Free theory training & Hazard Perception

✓ Free door to door pick-up

✓ Feedback & encouragement

✓ Modern, air conditioned vehicle

✓ Professionalism

✓ One to One Tuition